Africa belongs to all its children

Dr Corné Mulder

Africa belongs to all who live on the continent, regardless of race, colour or origin. It is the home and future of all its residents and nobody on this continent can take it away or alienate it from another, Dr. Corné Mulder, FF Plus Chief Whip said.

Dr. Mulder, who spoke about the subject: “We are Africa united in our diversity” said in the Africa Day celebration today that the topic was suitable as the people of this continent have to rely on each other to solve their problems.

He said no other continent will get involved in the future of Africa’s people. They have to do it themselves.

“What is worrying, is that the president of South Africa is sending out a wrong message by saying: “Africans lived in peace and harmony and had fun, but then the others came…” which he did not want to name. It is a pity and not good for nation building at all.

“Africa should look after itself, but where it comes to South Africa, the question could rightly be asked why we do not take the initiative with this.

“The truth is that South Africa is falling behind the rest of Africa. It no longer has the strongest economy, it is Nigeria. Our growth has slowed and we no longer have the biggest or best airline, it now belongs to Ethiopia.

“The only thing we hear about is turn-around strategies. The country is standing with its back against the wall and is no longer moving forward into the future,” Dr. Mulder said.


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