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Ná 108 dae van inperking en honderde miljarde rand is Suid-Afrika steeds nie gereed vir piek van Covid-19

Die Redaksie

"Ná 108 dae van die strengste Covid-19-inperking en honderde miljard rand wat bewillig is om die pandemie plaaslik te bestry, moes pres. Cyril Ramaphosa vanaand met die terugkeer na strenger regulasies erken dat die regering gefaal het in sy poging om die virus suksesvol te bekamp," sê ... Read more

Kwarantyn- en isolasie-geriewe eindelik bekend

Die Redaksie

"Na maandelange druk op die departemente van gesondheid en openbare werke en infrastruktuur, is die lys van kwarantyn- en isolasie-geriewe eindelik vanmiddag beskikbaar gestel aan lede van die parlement wat dien op die portefeuljekomitee vir openbare werke en infrastruktuur," sê Philip van... Read more

South Africa’s public health care service is terminally ill and the cause is not Covid-19

Die Redaksie

In the first place, the FF Plus wants to use this opportunity to thank South Africa's doctors, nurses and all health care workers for their selfless service in the fight against Covid-19.

It is tragic that the ANC government is failing these people and the country's health care services. South... Read more

Government must stop interfering in economy

Die Redaksie

The ANC government could come up with nothing but plan after plan that have all failed in the past and severely damaged the South African economy – these plans will surely not save the country's economy now.

The government must stop interfering in the economy and should instead ensure that a ... Read more

Hate speech on social media will inevitably lead to racial hate and may not be tolerated

Die Redaksie

Hate speech and incitement to violence on social media will inevitably lead to polarisation and racialism in South Africa and the FF Plus will continue to report any and all such incidents to the designated authorities and will insist that it must be investigated so that it does not become the... Read more

Gradual re-opening of schools: School communities assuming responsibility are the real winners

Die Redaksie

The announcement by the Minister of Basic Education, Ms Angie Motshekga, that Grade 6 and 11 learners will return to school this week has once again focused the spotlight on inequality in the school system.

In this case, however, it has nothing to do with the different levels of prosperity, by the ... Read more

Farm murders: President must recognise gruesome reality and take action

Die Redaksie

The gruesome reality of farm murders has been denied and dismissed by the greater part of the South African society and the ANC government for long enough now – President Cyril Ramaphosa should have recognised it and done something about it a long time ago already.

In the most recent... Read more

Fraud, errors and delays at UIF raise concerns

Die Redaksie

Delays with payments, alleged fraud, an inadequate system and technical errors at the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) are a cause for concern and result in various problems which means that employees' claims are not processed and paid in time.

The UIF appeared before the Portfolio Committee on... Read more

Farm attacks: President must condemn it publicly and farmers must fight fire with fire

Die Redaksie

The extreme wave of farm attacks and murders on farmers that has recently swept through South Africa should surely compel the President of the country to acknowledge it and condemn it. It should also compel the agricultural community to ready themselves to fight fire with fire, within the... Read more

Covid-19: Strenger inperkings by brandpunte sal lei tot chaos

Die Redaksie

"Die VF Plus waarsku dat strenger inperkings by Covid-19-brandpunte sal lei tot algehele chaos in gemeenskappe en dat inwoners hulle bloot nie meer aan verdere inperkings sal steur nie," sê Philip van Staden, VF Plus-LP en hoofwoordvoerder van gesondheid.

"Die aankondiging van die minister... Read more

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