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VF Plus verwelkom hofuitspraak om publikasie van matriekuitslae toe te laat; Umalusi se verslag oor matriekuitslae wek kommer

Dr. Wynand Boshoff

Die VF Plus verwelkom die oorwinning wat AfriForum behaal het met die hofbeslissing dat matriekuitslae wel in koerante gepubliseer mag word.

Hoewel verpersoonlikte massakommunikasie dit maklik maak om uitslae direk aan kandidate te verskaf, is daar steeds ʼn groot behoefte aan gepubliseerde... Read more

Inheems of nie, die vraag is of Afrikaans in hoër onderwys agteruitboer en waarom

Dr. Wynand Boshoff

Die departement van hoër onderwys se beleidsraamwerk oor taal tree in die nuwe jaar in werking. Die feit dat Afrikaans as inheemse taal daarin ontken word, jaag mense se bloeddruk op. Volgens die VF Plus is Afrikaans ongetwyfeld 'n inheemse taal, maar erkenning daarvan is nie voldoende om die... Read more

Day of the Vow: True reconciliation lies in conserving and celebrating all heritage

Heloïse Denner

True reconciliation will only be achieved in South Africa once everyone demonstrates mutual respect for each other's differences, those things that make us unique, like our language, culture and heritage.

Reconciliation does not lie in compelling the various cultural groups to sacrifice those... Read more

Coalition partners sign historic agreement forged in the interest of ensuring better service delivery for all

Die Redaksie

Joint Media Release

Party leaders from across the political spectrum today signed the coalition agreement that has established multi-party governments in hung councils across the country.

The agreement successfully formed coalition governments in all three Metro Municipalities in Gauteng, and so... Read more

FF Plus’s hard work and unwavering opposition to expropriation without compensation pays off

Dr Corné Mulder

The FF Plus's unwavering stance and hard work to oppose the ANC and EFF's attempts to amend Section 25 of the Constitution contributed greatly to the strong vote with which South Africans today finally rejected expropriation without compensation.

The votes that were cast before the second reading... Read more

Government cannot be taken at its word when it says that it is serious about activism against violence against women and children

Tammy Breedt

(Debate in Parliament: 16 days of activism of no violence against women and children)

It is very difficult not to become cynical about the ANC government's supposed efforts to take decisive action against violence against women and children after years of empty promises, hollow words and plans... Read more

Government’s priorities are all wrong when it comes to spending revenue and stimulating economic growth

Wouter Wessels

(Parliamentary debate: Division of Revenue Amendment Bill)

The Division of Revenue Amendment Bill reflects the government's misguided priorities, seeing as no economy can grow or flourish while local government is being destroyed as towns and cities do not have power or water and infrastructure is ... Read more

ANC government once again breaks unemployment record

Heloïse Denner

The spike of 0,5% in South Africa's official unemployment rate since the second quarter of this year, which brings it to a new record-high level of 34,9%, should come as no surprise to the government.

The expanded unemployment rate currently stands at about 46,6%. This figure includes the people... Read more

Exploration for gas and oil along the Wild Coast: Changes in circumstances justify revoking environmental permission

Dr. Wynand Boshoff

The controversial exploration process for oil and gas, with which the international oil company Shell wants to commence along the Wild Coast, should be subjected to an environmental impact study once again. When permission was initially granted in 2013, the Department of Environmental Affairs was... Read more

Onslaught against André de Ruyter: The danger of trying to save the sinking “Titanic”

Dr. Wynand Boshoff

Suppose a new helmsman took charge of steering the Titanic after it had crashed into the iceberg – who would be to blame for the disaster? Would one be justified in criticising the new helmsman for not knowing enough about sailing?

Questions like these inadvertently arise when influential... Read more

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