What services are considered essential during this time?

Essential Services

Medical, health and laboratory services

Disaster management, fire preventing and fighting and emergency services

Financial and banking services

Manufacturing and sale of food, cleaning and hygiene products. Fuel, including coal, gas and basic goods, including airtime and electricity.

Grocery stores.

Electricity, water, gas and fuel production, supply and maintenance.

Government services, including municipal services.

Care services to the elderly, mentally ill, sick, persons with disabilities and children in times of need

Funeral services and mortuaries

Wildlife management, anti-poaching, animal care and veterinary services

Media, telecommunication infrastructure and services

Production and sale of chemicals, hygiene products, pharmaceuticals for the medial or retail sector

Courts and legal personnel


Police, traffic officers, military and correctional services personnel

Postal and courier services related exclusively to the transport of medical supplies

Private security services

Air-traffic navigation and civil aviation authority

Gold refineries, coal and essential mining

Accommodation for persons rendering essential services or who are in quarantine/isolation

Manufacturing/production, supply, logistics, transport, delivery, maintenance and repair in relation to the rendering of essential services and products

Transport services for people who render essential services and goods

Transport services for patients

Services rendered by the Cabinet, MPs, MPLs, councillors, judges, magistrates and traditional leaders

Human Rights Commission, Gender Equality Commission, Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities and the Public Protector

Transport of essential goods to neighbouring countries

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