Am I allowed to move to a new home during lockdown?

No. You will not be allowed to move and landlords / buyers cannot hold you liable for non-compliance with the obligation to move in or out of premises during the lockdown period.

Do I need a permit to go buy necessities during lockdown?

You do not need a permit to buy essentials such as food or medication.

Will I be able to travel to South Africa from abroad during the lockdown?

No, no one will be allowed to enter SA from another country during the lockdown.

What do I do if my employer forces me to go to work?

If you work for a business that does not offer essential services or you work for a business rendering essential services but you do not perform an essential function with regard to the service and your employer forces you to work (away from home), phone the Department of Labour on 012 337 1997.

What services are considered essential during this time?

Essential Services

Medical, health and laboratory services

Disaster management, fire preventing and fighting and emergency services

Financial and banking services

Manufacturing and sale of food, cleaning and hygiene products. Fuel, including coal, gas and basic goods, including airtime and... Read more

What are the symptoms of Covid-19?

What goods are considered essential during this period?

Essential goods that may be purchased


Cooldrinks and water

Animal food

Toilet paper and sanitary products

Hand sanitiser, disinfectants, soap, cleaning products

Medical equipment and products

Fuel, including coal and gas

Basic goods, including airtime and electricity

Suppliers of... Read more

What to do with regard to divorced parents’ visitation rights during lockdown

What are municipalities’ responsibilities during the national lockdown?

The national Department of Cooperative Governance issued a document on the duties that municipalities will fulfil and the delivery of essential services during the national lockdown. The FF Plus wants to share this important information with the public.

Municipal services deemed essential are... Read more

I don't have water in my area. What do I do now?

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