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To prevent any tampering with the votes between the voting station and the Results Operations Centre (ROC), usually situated in Pretoria, opposition party agents send their voting stations’ results directly to the ROC.

These are compared to the official results of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to ensure that the numbers correspond.

It has happened in the past that the FF Plus insisted on a recount of the votes at a specific voting station after voters brought it to the party’s attention that they had voted for the FF Plus at that voting station, but it was not reflected in the results posted outside the venue.

You can help our team to monitor possible fraudulent counting events by pledging your support. 

pledge your support and help us fight election fraud

important for voting day

Voting stations are open on the 29th of May from 07:00 to 21:00. Election day is formally declared a national holiday. Make sure your voice is heard!

You may only vote with your barcoded ID card or booklet. A temporary ID is also accepted. No other form of identification will be accepted. Make sure you have your valid ID ready to vote!

You may only vote where you are registered in the coming election. Check where you can vote here or by sending us a message on WhatsApp. 


Do not be deceived or threatened.

The proportional system ensures that no vote is wasted. All votes that do not go to the ANC reduces the ANC’s percentage of representatives. It’s not the FF Plus’s opinion – it’s the law.

When you register to vote, you are added to the IEC’s official voters’ roll. You do not register to vote for a specific party.

There is no such thing as a ‘party list’ on voting day. You may vote for the party of your choice. All votes are confidential and cannot be linked to a voter.

The proportional system unfortunately favors the ANC if registered opposition voters do not cast a valid vote. Spoilt ballots are completely disregarded during the counting process and will not influence the election in any way. Your vote counts!


Watch this space for the results of the recent election.


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