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Freedom Front Plus

Recognising Afrikaners’ deep bond with land is key to land reform

(Budget debate in Parliament: Agriculture and Land Reform) The political and technical aspects of agriculture are two sides of the same coin, so, subordinating one to the other creates a significant risk. Landownership has always been linked to the distribution of political power, whether present or historical. When a political shift takes place, as it […]

Labour the key to unlocking dignity and a secure future

Unemployment strips people of their dignity, and leaves them vulnerable and deprived of a secure future. That is why the Department of Employment and Labour has one of the most important mandates in South Africa. Amid the volatile political environment in which South Africa currently finds itself, a focused effort along with enough political will […]

FF Plus 2024 Manifesto: It is time to restore and rebuild without the ANC

(FF Plus Manifesto launch: Heartfelt Arena, Centurion) After thirty years in which the ANC has driven South Africa to the edge of ruin and bankruptcy with its poor governance, the time has come to make a change, to pick up the broken pieces and start rebuilding. The FF Plus’s 2024 Manifesto offers a realistic plan […]

Educational institutions should be anchored in cultural communities

(Parliamentary debate: The right of communities to participate in the management and development of both private and public educational institutions) In a debate of national importance, requested by the FF Plus, the role of cultural communities was a hot topic that sent sparks flying in Parliament today. To introduce the debate, the FF Plus quoted […]

ANC is suspect number one when it comes to political murders

(Parliamentary debate: Urgent call for intervention by the South African Police Service and intelligence structures to address politically motivated killings, including the killing of Zulu and other traditional leaders) Political murders are nothing new in South Africa. It has been a serious problem for a long time with fingers pointing mostly at the ANC as […]

Holistic approach to criminal justice system is needed to effectively combat crime

(Debate in Parliament: Strengthening the capacity of law enforcement agencies in the fight against violent crimes and to tackle illicit economic activities like illegal mining extortion, and economic sabotage) A holistic approach to the entire criminal justice system should be followed in an attempt to effectively combat crime, particularly organised crime. At this stage, the […]

ANC indifferent to famine and unemployment crisis in South Africa

(Debate in Parliament: The desperately needed relief measures, including expanding the zero-VAT-rated food basket, to alleviate the negative impact of the inflation cost of living crisis on South African households) The ANC is blowing hot and cold about expanding the food basket exempted from VAT, and clearly does not care about the suffering of the […]

Short-sighted to sever ties with Israel

(Parliamentary debate requested by Julius Malema (EFF): Removal of the Israel Embassy in South Africa and suspension of all diplomatic relations with Israel) The EFF’s request for South Africa to sever all ties with Israel puts government in a difficult position, which is reminiscent of the issue of expropriation without compensation. In that case, the […]

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