Vryheidsfront Plus
Vryheidsfront Plus


Joint Press Statement issued by Cederberg Eerste, Democratic Alliance, Freedom Front Plus

For immediate release (13 October 2022, 07h00)


Yesterday, the CE-DA-FF Plus coalition in the Cederberg Municipality convincingly won the by-election in Lamberts Bay/Leipoltville (Ward 5). When the Ward Councillor position became vacant in July 2022, the coalition decided to field only one candidate to represent the coalition on condition that it is the best candidate for the task.

CE and FF Plus therefore decided to place all its support behind the selected candidate later identified as Dr John Hayes, a member of the DA, the local medical doctor of the town for over 35 years already.

We are pleased to confirm that Dr Hayes victory at the polls yesterday means that the coalition will regain control and govern the Cederberg Municipality.

We wish to thank the respective coalition members and supporters for their trust and confidence. The approach adopted by this coalition for this by-election required a level of political maturity and common sense. Fortunately, this coalition is blessed with both these characteristics.

The first task of the coalition is to assess and repair the damage caused by the ANC and the PA since they took over in July 2022.

We wish Dr Hayes well as the Ward Councillor for Lamberts Bay/Leipoltville.

Contact details: 083 626 1497


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