Eerste Lesingsdebat: Begrotings Wetsontwerp ā€“ 2015

Adv Anton Alberts

Agbare Speaker,

Minister, due to your job you are obliged to deal honestly with reality. Therefore, it must be frustrating to deal with the ideological games being played by your fellow ministers that hamper financial planning by introducing policy uncertainty, counter-productive programs and economically suicidal schemes.

Ek wens ek kon ten minste sê dat Suid-Afrika se ekonomie tans is waar dit hierdie tyd verlede jaar was. Die waarheid is ons in dieselfde put is, maar die ANC het dit reggekry om die land nog dieper daarin te grawe.

Perhaps the metaphor of a cliff is a more appropriate one. This country is currently facing many types of cliffs and we were led here in the name of transformation and many other false gods by leaders who impersonated Moses while they were actually dancing with the devil himself.

Die Farao van Egipte moes na die tien plae bes gee en erken sy beleid werk nie. Die vraag is hoeveel van die self-toegediende plae gaan die ANC nog ignoreer? Want daar gaan uiteindelik ‘n prys vir die ANC self wees al kruip die party agter die rokspante van die staat weg.

Let’s have a look at some of these self-imposed plagues also known as cliffs:

The Fiscal Cliff: This one runs the deepest and is projected to appear in 2026 when government willonly have enough income to cover the costs of public sector salaries and social grants. ESKOM will, however, catapult us into that cliff long before 2026;

The Power Cliff: We have already reached that one. Enough said;

The Water Cliff: This is one in the making and forming fast. Welcome water-shedding and social upheaval!

The Service Cliff: We are there and it is getting worse thanks to transformation and cadre-deployment. What a friend we have in the ANC.

The Land and Food Cliff: We are nearing the point where starvation is in our future with the ANC dicing, slicing and collectivizing farms like Stalin. What a friend we have in communism and deliberate genocide.

The Corruption Cliff: Every year we hear renewed promises on fighting corruption, yet it only gets worse. The e-toll system can be paid off three times every year if corruption is uprooted. But what are the chances?

Mini-Cliffs: Plenty mini-cliffs exist, supporting the large ones, e.g. the coal cliff where mines will not be able to extract enough coal to service ESKOM.

Minister, talle waarskuwing is al aan die ANC deur instansies, soos die Wêreldbank en die IMF, gerig. Hulle advies is eenvoudig: skep beleidsekerheid, verslap arbeidswetgewing en help entrepreneurs. Tot dusver word die advies geígnoreer. Die uiteinde hiervan gaan wees dat die IMF self sal moet ingryp wanneer die staat finansieel in duie stort. Dan sal die ANC geen keuse hê as om te luister nie.

Dankie Speaker