VF Plus-repliek op die premier van Gauteng se 2015-openingsrede

Die Redaksie





Geagte Speaker, Premier, LUR’e, Leiers van politieke partye en lede

Met die premier se Openingsrede die afgelope Maandag, kon die VF Plus nie glo wat ons gehoor het nie. ... Read more

FF Plus’ reply to pres. Zuma’s 2015 SONA: ANC is looking for scapegoats for its failures as a government

Dr Pieter Mulder

The poorer the ANC fares as government, the more scapegoats are sought who could be blamed for their failures. Dr. Pieter Mulder today, during the reply to the president’s State of the Nation Address, explained how extremely dangerous and divisive this action is.

The full speech follows... Read more

Debate in parliament: Women in all cases the victim of crime

Dr Pieter Mulder

In the past, in most conflicts, it was women and children that suffered the most.

A few kilometres outside Bloemfontein a traveller will find the national Women’s Monument. The monument was unveiled in 1913 to commemorate those Boer women and children who died in British concentration camps... Read more

Medelye: Mario Oriani-Ambrosini

Adv Anton Alberts

Speaker/ Deputy Speaker

Hierdie toespraak is vir my besonder moeilik. Nie net alleen omdat agbare Mario Oriani-Ambrosini ʼn briljante parlementslid en regspraktisyn was nie, maar omdat Mario ʼn baie goeie vriend van my geword het.

Van die oomblik wat ek en Mario mekaar leer ken het in 2009, het ons ... Read more

Budget Vote Debate: President Zuma

Dr Pieter Mulder

Honourable Speaker,

I have visited many countries throughout the world. Only when one returns from such a visit, does one appreciate how exceptional a country South Africa is; our beautiful nature, our unique people with their diverse languages and cultures and then the unbelievable economic and... Read more

Reply to president Zuma's State of the Nation 2014

Dr Pieter Mulder


I want to start with the story of the chief executive of a big organisation who retired. He gave his successor three envelopes.

“When you experience a crisis, open the first envelope,” was his advice to his successor.

After a year there was the first crisis. The new chief... Read more

Toespraak in algemene begrotingsdebat in Vrystaatse Wetgewer

Wouter Wessels

Agbare Speaker,

Die gans wat die goue eiers lê, glo klaarblyklik nie die sogenaamde “goeie storie” wat die ANC-regering probeer vertel nie.

Suid-Afrika en die Vrystaat se finansiële posisie is wankelrig en die begroting van die Vrystaat is onder geweldige druk.

Die Agbare... Read more

Debat op die Wysigingswetsontwerp vir Minerale- en Petroleumhulpbronne-ontwikkeling / Debate on Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Amendment Bill

Adv Anton Alberts


Minister, today I would like to talk directly to you and address a matter of great concern for us. While there are various issues of concern contained in this Bill, the most pressing matter for us relates to property rights.

In my informal discussions with parliamentary members of the... Read more

Oorweging van Verslag: 2014 Fiskale Raamwerk en Inkomstevoorstelle / Consideration of Report: 2014 Fiscal Framework and Revenue Proposals

Adv Anton Alberts

Speaker/ Deputy Speaker

Minister Gordhan, we admit that you have a very difficult job. There are many competing issues and causes worthy of intervention and funding, but one cannot due to limited income attend to all as one would like. We think you are doing a good job in the circumstances and for ... Read more

VF Plus Manifesbekendstelling / FF Plus Manifesto 2014, Pretoria

Dr Pieter Mulder

Chairperson, Ladies and Gentlemen,

This year the ANC is governing South Africa for 20 years. The question is: Are the problems of the country after 20 years fewer or more? Are we better off or worse?

The ANC says they have a good story to tell. The Freedom Front Plus says it is a sad story.

In... Read more

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