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Debate on issue of land will not progress as long as false narratives dominate the discussion

Dr Pieter Groenewald

Remarks that white people stole the land in South Africa must be stopped seeing as the debate on land will not progress as long as false and divisive narratives dominate the discussion. These statements must come to an end before the land issue can be debated in a responsible and fruitful manner.

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People need to wake up to the fact that the ANC’s plan to expropriate land without compensation is a reality

Dr Pieter Groenewald

The people of South Africa need to wake up and realise that the ANC and its opposition partners’ plan to expropriate land without compensation is a hard reality. And once the gate of changing the Constitution has been opened, it will be impossible to close it again.

The amendments that the... Read more

FF Plus will ensure that premier keeps his promise to combat corruption

Mnr. Hannes Schutte

The provincial address by the North West premier, Mr Supra Mahumapelo, was full of promises of lifestyle audits of individuals, investigations into and the combating of corruption, swift action against officials and politicians that are guilty of such offences and much more, and the FF Plus will... Read more

FF Plus has mixed feelings about Gauteng’s provincial address

Philip van Staden

The FF Plus in Gauteng welcomes the provincial address delivered earlier today by the province’s premier, David Makhura, in part and is disappointed that certain critical matters were not addressed.

In his speech, the premier pointed out very serious problems in the province. The FF Plus... Read more

FF Plus not to attend Ace’s farewell party

Tammy Wessels

The FF Plus is of the opinion that the Free State 2018 provincial address will be nothing more than an over-the-top farewell party for Ace Magashule and that it will not be a true reflection of the ANC’s failures under his leadership.

For this reason, the FF Plus will boycott the provincial ... Read more

VF Plus besorgd oor veiligheid in hospitale na dood van kind tydens bendegevegte

Ben van der Berg

Die VF Plus is besorgd oor die veiligheid van pasiënte in hospitale na die dood van ‘n sesjarige seun, Karabo Thankanyane, tydens ‘n bendeaanval in die Carletonville-staatshospitaal.

Die monitor van die ventilator waaraan Karabo in die hospitaal se ongevalle-eenheid gekoppel was,... Read more

The good and the bad of the Cabinet reshuffle, Ramaphosa clearly a captive of the ANC

Dr Pieter Groenewald

The Cabinet reshuffle, announced last night by President Cyril Ramaphosa, has some good and bad elements to it, but when looked at in terms of the bigger picture it is a clear indication that the president is being held captive by the ANC and that he is unable to really leave his mark on government ... Read more

Regstellende Aksie: Hoe benadeel dit jou?

Tammy Wessels

Die VF Plus wil hê die publiek moet hul stories deel oor hoe die beleid van Regstellende Aksie (RA) teen hulle diskrimineer op grond van hul velkleur.

In sy repliek op die debat oor die staatsrede, het pres. Cyril Ramaphosa gesê: “Wit mense, veral wit mans, domineer steeds die... Read more

Decision by National Lottery Commission to stop funding SPCA is short sighted

Adv Anton Alberts

The decision by the National Lottery Commission (NLC) to no longer fund the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is short sighted and lamentable and will only result in great animal suffering, particularly in rural and poorer communities.

The SPCA announced in a media release... Read more

LUR en maatskaplike dienste gee bloot nie vir armes om nie

Tammy Wessels

Die Vryheidsfront Plus het die Vrystaatse LUR vir maatskaplike ontwikkeling, Limakatso Mahasa, dringend versoek om agterstallige subsidies aan nie-regerinsgorganisasies (NGO’s) uit te betaal.

Die departement se onvermoë om NGO’s, soos Engo in die Vrystaat, te betaal weens... Read more

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