White and brown people now under-represented in the public service according to affirmative action targets

Adv Anton Alberts

There are increasingly less positions available for white and brown people in the public service and the two minority groups are now under-represented according to affirmative action targets set out according to the national demographics of the country, adv. Anton Alberts, the FF Plus’ parliamentary spokesperson on public service and administration says.

In a reply to a parliamentary question, Adv. Alberts had asked about the number of workers of every population group in the public service, it appears that the target for black people has just about been reached. Indian people are the most advantaged and is over-represented at 0,75% of the number of people in the public service.

White and brown people are both under-represented nearly half a percent. Where white people make up 9,2% of the country’s population, they make up 8,8% of the number of people in the public service.

From the reply of the minister, it appears that there are 1,328,687 workers in the public service at present. Of these, there is uncertainty about the race and gender of 1,637 people.

With regards to the rest there is 1,055,274 (79,4%) black, 43,120 (3,2%) Indian, 111,236 (8,3%) brown and 117,420 (8,8%) white people working in the public service.

Adv. Alberts says it is clear from the statistics how there is increasing discrimination against white people in the workplace. He said the whole process was driven aggressively in the past twenty years and South Africa has paid an enormous price for it by sacrificing its service delivery.

“The ANC government should realise that its targets have now been reached and should stop hunting white and brown people. If it should continue driving affirmative action the way it has done up to now, white people will within a number of years disappear from the public service completely.

“The government should for now implement its policy on appointments in reverse gear in an attempt to rectify the injustices. The FF Plus will confront the government about this and demands that more people from minority groups be appointed to the public service,” Adv. Alberts says.


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