VF Plus-reaksie op premier van die Vrystaat se openingsrede: ANC-beleid faal SA

Wouter Wessels

Wouter Wessels, VF Plus-LPW in die Vrystaatse Wetgewer, het vandag tydens die debat oor die premier se openingsrede gesê dat dit duidelik is dat ANC-beleid Suid-Afrika faal, maar die huidige anargie wat die EFF skep, is selfs tot groter nadeel en gaan beslis nie die probleme en krisisse aanspreek nie.

Hy het bygevoeg dat die EFF se “revolusie” tot nadeel van die mense is wat hulle voorgee, hul verteenwoordig. Die huidige chaos by universiteite is onaanvaarbaar en tot die land se nadeel.

Hier volg mnr. Wessels se volledige toespraak:

Agbare Speaker,

Dit sal uiters onverantwoordelik wees van enige agbare lid van hierdie Huis om tans die ernstige krisisse en probleme wat die Vrystaat ervaar te ontken. Sommige van ons mag dalk verskil oor die oorsake van hierde probleme, maar ons mag nie dink dat dit ‘business as usual’ is nie.

Hierdie skip het reeds die ysberg getref en is vinnig besig om te sink.

The Honourable Premier to a certain extent acknowledged the economic crisis facing the Free State during his State of the Province Address. He spoke of the necessity of fiscal discipline and cost containment.

The Honourable Premier should however show the people of the Free State that he is serious about this. The Honourable Premier should set the example. A Mercedes Benz of R2,3 million does not set this example.

If the Premier is serious about cost containment he should immediately place a moratorium on unnecessary luxuries.

Next year he should prevent the Legislature and his department from spending millions of rands on bells and whistles for his State of the Province Address. He should cancel the gala lunch for more than 1200 guests. This year this lunch took place at a very high cost amidst the fact that more than 22% of households in the Free State do not have adequate access to food.

The Premier should also acknowledge that whilst cost containment is important, it will not solve the economic crisis.

Economic growth and revenue enhancement are what is needed.

Redistribution should not be the priority. Government is currently only rearranging the chairs on the Titanic’s deck. The ship is still sinking.

Government should concede to failed policy directives, as government cannot sustainably create jobs. Rather support the private sector and commercial agriculture. Create a stable and conducive environment for the private sector to grow and invest. That will combat unemployment; not EPWP. That will increase provincial revenue; not only contain the little funds we have.

Albert Einstein said, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, is the definition of insanity.”

It is clear that ANC policies have failed society but the current anarchy which the likes of the EFF is creating, is even more devastating and will not address the crisis we are facing.

Whilst we as a nation are facing economic uncertainty, we are also faced with the worst racial polarisation this country has seen since 1994. Paying lip service to social cohesion will not solve this. Irresponsible leadership utilising scapegoat politics, blaming one group for another’s problems and using racism for election campaigning are worsening the already boiling point situation.

What is currently happening on university campuses around the country must be condemned by all responsible leaders.

The EFF and their likes should take note of the fact that their so-called revolution is harming the very people they are claiming to represent: the workers’ class; the most vulnerable; the poor and unemployed; and the student corpse who are desperately seeking higher education. They are the victims. If this anarchy continues there will be no universities left, there will be no industries left, no employment, no export markets, no investments and no future.

There are many of us as South Africans who are interested in making this country work to the benefit of all and we should not allow these elements to impose their fascist revolution on us.

As hierdie skip sink, sink ons almal saam. Ons as politieke leiers moet verantwoordelikheid aan die dag lê en die belang en toekoms van ons mense bo korttermyn politieke gewin stel.

Ek dank u.



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