The void that labour brokers leave has destructive consequences on labour market

Adv Anton Alberts

Warnings from various quarters, also from the FF Plus, that legislation which forces labour brokers out of the labour market will have far-reaching consequences is busy materialising, Adv. Anton Alberts, the parliamentary spokesperson on labour for the FF Plus says.

According to a report in the media today, half of all workers who had been placed in jobs by labour brokers have lost their jobs in the twelve months since the changes to the Labour Relations Act had been made. The law, for all practical purposes, forces labour brokers out of the market.

Adv. Alberts says the Act is just yet another example of the ANC government’s desperate attempts to control and regulate South Africa and its society in every possible area through legislation and policies.

“These attempts of government to exercise control over everything is pure Marxism and what is happening now to the labour market, once again shows how destructive it is. In addition to this Cosatu is being allowed to continue unabated with its destructive work through unreasonable demands and strikes. It does not take an expert to predict that thousands more will be losing their work in the process.

“The ANC have now truly become experts in the destruction of job opportunities and is in the process also busy destroying the country.

“Research of the Free Market Foundation which was undertaken amongst 500 of the largest labour brokers in the country, had five months ago already shown that 254 000 people will, as a direct result of the actions against labour brokers, lose their jobs in the foreseeable future.

“It was estimated that 254 000 jobs would have been lost by the end of April. The tragedy oaf exorbitant trade union demands and restrictive labour legislation is that only a handful benefit from higher salaries and permanent jobs.

“This is achieved at the expense of hundreds of thousands who lose their jobs and income as a direct result of this,” Adv. Alberts said.


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