The real reason for country’s excessive alcohol and drug problems can be found in ANC policy

Dr Corné Mulder

No well-sounding program or campaign will do something to the country’s excessive alcohol or drug problem. The cause is the country’s sick economy which makes people desperate and without any hope, Dr. Corné Mulder, chief whip of the FF Plus says.

Dr. Mulder, today in parliament during a debate on the social-economic impact of alcohol, drugs and other substances, said the problem is that government only wants to treat the symptoms of the problem but ignores the causes.

He drew a comparison between economies of the five remaining communist countries in the world – North Korea, Cuba, China, Laos and Vietnam – and said it is clear that South Africa is also suffering from the ‘very serious disease’ with the name socialism and communism.

“The economy is shrinking, job-opportunities are decreasing and people are becoming desperate. And while South Africa is moving backward, other African countries are growing.

“Government can therefore have every conceivable program and campaign, but unless the economy grows so that people can again have hope and work, the problem will not be solved.

“The president recently said that it was the task of parliament to take care of politics while the business community should take care of the economy. If that was the case, things would go much better. But the ANC policy is broadly standing in the way thereof.

“The result is that people turn to alcohol and drugs. It is tragic what each of these families affected by this, go through and no campaign or program will change this. Treat the economy and these problems will go away by itself,” Dr. Mulder said.


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