State funds misused to intimidate officials to buy e-toll tags

Adv Anton Alberts

The FF Plus has with great displeasure taken note of the state’s intimidation of officials, as well as the use of state property and state funds to intimidate its workers into buying e-toll tags, Adv. Anton Alberts, the Freedom Front Plus’ parliamentary spokesperson on transport says.

In a document in the possession of the FF Plus, all employees of the department of Health are reminded to register for the e-toll system which, according to the content of the letter, will be commencing towards the end of the year.

The letter was written on an official letter-head of the department and was sent to all deputy directors general, group managers, directors, deputy directors and heads of units who were instructed to circulate it amongst all their staff.

The letter was sent with the signature of Ms. D Tshabalala, supply chain chief director on 28 October of this year (letter attached).

According to Adv. Alberts, it is unacceptable that the state’s machinery and funds could be misused to intimidate officials in this manner to part take in a system which is regarded to be unconstitutional and against which the FF Plus will be launching a court action.

“The FF Plus has for a long time fought a battle on its own against the E-Toll Bill and its struggle has in the past couple of weeks gained momentum with the joining of others.

“We once again repeat that people do not have to buy e-tags as there is no legal obligation on road users to register for this system. Registration will merely serve to make it easier for the state to enforce it.

“The minister of Transport has already in a reply to an official question in Parliament confirmed to the FF Plus that no special courts will be instituted to enforce the E-Toll Act.

“With the current situation of over-burdened court rolls and a huge backlog in courts being experienced with existing court cases, there is just no way in which masses of additional court cases, which may arise from the e-tolls, could be dealt with by the courts. The system will collapse.

“This latest abuse by the state boils down to the unlawful wasting of state funds to threaten citizens into giving shape to an unconstitutional law.

“The FF Plus will continue the fight it in the same manner it has consistently opposed the e-tolls system and will immediately be lodging a complaint with the Public Service Commission about this matter,” Adv. Alberts said.


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