South African citizens paying for their freedom to be undermined

Adv Anton Alberts

An assured road to the slavery of the citizens of a country is found when the state alone may ake decision about and have full control over all national affairs, Adv. Anton Alberts, the parliamentary spokesperson of the FF Plus on the Economy, says.

He said that nearly everything that South Africans do is controlled by the state. “The state wants to decide how people should be or are employed, how business enterprises are operated, how we may and are to be educated and even where we are allowed to move, through a system of e-tolls”.

According to Adv. Alberts, it is especially bad to see how the erosion of these rights of citizens is being financed by the people’s own money.

“The government has structures in place which force every possible cent out of taxpayers, while the government does not have to deliver any counter performance. If the public does not comply, they are guilty of a criminal offence.

“There is no lever that can be used to force the state to comply with its responsibility of service delivery. We have a system which has been designed to put taxpayers in jail if they do not pay for services which the states is constitutionally obligated to render, but the government and its officials remain free from being prosecuted if poor or no services are delivered.

“The worst thing that can happen to a public servant if he/she is not an ANC cadre or opportunist, is a light warning and redeployment to a post with even better benefits. This system of cadre deployment under the guise of affirmative action has completely eroded the state’s capability to render services.

“Individual taxpayers are, according to Treasury, currently carrying 34,5% of the tax burden in South Africa while companies are paying less and less. This means that the economy is dwindling and it is clear that the government’s policy has failed.

“If taxpayers, especially seen from a minority group’s view, are not going to be treated better, they will start getting out of the system themselves,” Adv. Alberts said.


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