Sasco incitement must cease at TUT

Die Redaksie

The Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) in Pretoria closed its doors today, until further notice, after the ANC-affiliated student organization Sasco, protested against the national student financial aid scheme (NSFAS). TUT’s management closed the gates and all staff and students were sent home for their own safety. “It is ridiculous that Sasco is playing the race card again when the campus has 86.05% black students versus 11.91% white student ratio”, says Jean Kriek, Gauteng Youth leader of the Freedom Front Plus.  He also said that “Mr Sigfried Tivana incites’ comments stating that African students are excluded at TUT, who is an Afrikaner-dominated institution.  It is out of place and intended to incite racial tension between students”.

Mr Kriek further stated that Sasco’s actions portray abuse of students for election purposes.  “Where is the logic in this level of disruption when the campus is already known for its transformation which is proved by its statistics?  For Sasco to threaten with further disruption of all activities at the campus instead of entering into open discussion with management, they proof themself irresponsible and careless towards students". According to Kriek,   any person or organisation who attempts to bring campus to its knees, should be held liable for their actions.  The Freedom Front Plus youth in Gauteng are considering laying a complaint against Sasco and SigfriedTivana at the Human Rights Commission (HRC).


Jean Kriek

Freedom Front Plus Youth Leader:  Gauteng

076 015 2218