SAIRR’s report on Police confirms publics’ distrust of Police

Dr Pieter Groenewald

“The report of the SA Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) on violent crime and criminality in the South African Police Service confirms that the public cannot trust the Police. It is ironic that the Police states as its main objective that the public should be protected and should put their trust in the Police. Furthermore, Section 205(3) of the Constitution stipulates that the main purpose of the Police is the protection and security of the public. The Police are therefore failing in its Constitutional duty.

“The core problem of the Police is that discipline is not being properly enforced. Police members who lose firearms, enforce wrongful arrests, commit corruption etc. are lightly rapped over the knuckles and some even get off scot-free. Criminal offenses are often merely concealed. If two former Police Commissioners had to be fired for alleged corruption and one even had to serve a 15 years jail term, the findings of the SAIRR are not surprising.

“If the Police question the report they should institute an independent forensic investigation into crime in the Police Service. The Freedom Front Plus in any case recommends that such a forensic investigation is undertaken so that the public can know what the criminal state is within the Police Service. It will also assist the avid, hard-working, honest and sincere Police Members to get rid of the bad apples that give them a bad name,” Dr. Pieter Groenewald (MP) chief spokesperson of the Freedom Front Plus says.


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