Ramaphosa racist and irresponsible

Dr Pieter Mulder

The ANC and Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa should never dare to accuse opposition parties of using the “swart gevaar” (black danger) or other scare tactics following his ‘the Boers will return’ remarks this past weekend.

Apart from the fact that such a statement is not based on any real facts, it is also racist and polarizing.

It would be a pity if this election will be fought by the ANC on such a low level. When a party’s excuses, such as those of the ANC, for the high levels of corruption and poor service delivery run out, the party falls back onto primitive scare tactics and statements such as those made by Mr. Ramaphosa. It is clear from this how deep in trouble the ANC is with their impatient voters. Because Mr. Ramaphosa is second in charge of the ANC, these remarks cannot be lightly dismissed.

This election should be about how we are going to improve the economic growth rate so that more job opportunities could be created in South Africa for millions of poor people as well as how the different groups in the country could live in peace together without feeling threatened.


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