Pres. Jacob Zuma trampling on South Africa’s Constitution

Dr Pieter Groenewald

It is a big disgrace for a country when its national assembly decides to debate a motion of no confidence in the country’s president, Dr. Pieter Groenewald, chairperson and MP of the FF Plus said.

Dr. Groenewald said that one merely has to look at the Constitution to see how president Jacob Zuma tramples it.

“The sections affecting the president start as Section 83 and ends at Section 102. The oath the president takes stipulates, amongst others, that he has to protect and promote the interests and rights of all the people in South Africa.

“The president however does the opposite and openly states that the ANC comes first and thereafter the country. It is in breach of the oath of his office. The president made a speech during the birthday celebrations of the ANC and stated that land is the cause of poverty, unemployment and unhappiness in South Africa, that whites had stolen it.

“Section 83 of the Constitution determines that there is a Constitutional duty on the president to promote nation building and create harmony to the advantage of South Africa. But he creates friction and race divisions.

“The president has to apologise to the white people of South Africa because he said they had stolen the land. It is a lie. With statements such as these, he undermines the Constitution. Nobody can trust a president who frequently breaches his constitutional obligations,” Dr. Groenewald said.