Police can no longer protect the public, FF says after axe attack

Jaco Mulder

The police is no longer capable of protecting the public, Mr. Jaco Mulder, FF Plus leader in Gauteng and member of the provincial legislature, says following the fatal axe attack on Mr. Laslow Bercsényi of Bon Accord outside Pretoria the past weekend. His wife, Carol is still in a serious condition in hospital.

A dysfunctional crime intelligence unit and poorly trained detective service make it easy for violent criminals to attack defenceless targets and to get away with it. Mulder, who for the past ten years has served on the portfolio committee for Community Safety in Gauteng, said that an effective crime intelligence system is an absolute prerequisite for crime-prevention and that the unit has for some time been a political puppet and had to function without a commander and expert members.

Furthermore, less than 30 percent of all detectives in Gauteng have received any kind of detective training and the department of Community Safety has for some time now had to make do with a vacancy rate of 30 percent.

There can be no claim of crime prevention and investigations taking place under these circumstances. In as far as the South African Constitution guarantees the safety of its citizens, the state has already failed.

South Africans will have to take responsibility on a large scale for their own safety and also show their protest at the ballot box to get rid of a dysfunctional ANC government.



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