Minister Nkwinti’s proposals about farms unworkable

Dr Pieter Mulder

The proposal of minister Gugile Nkwinti and the department of Rural Development and Land Reform that commercial farmers should give half of their farms to their workers is unworkable and ill-considered.

The proposal will not resolve the land reform problems in South Africa and will definitely destroy food security in the country.

When studying the proposals closely, it becomes clear that it originates from a minister and a department which has no understanding of the intricacies of modern commercial farming. Black and white commercial farmers need certainty about and property rights to their land to obtain loans in order for them to farm profitably. This plan takes this certainty away.

At the moment the relevant department’s proposal is like a kite being sent up to gage the reaction of commercial farmers to it. I am not aware of the proposal or any government forum of structure on which I serve which have discussed or approved this.

South Africa needs more successful commercial farmers. It will however not be accomplished through this proposal. Successful commercial farmers with whom I interact are more than prepared to act as mentors and assist new black farmers and help them to successfully farm on their land.



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