Member Statement in Parliament: Government should release official statistics on farm attacks again

Dr Pieter Mulder

The Freedom Front Plus has been asking since 2007 already, after the government stopped releasing official statistics on farm attacks and farm murders, that it should be released on a regular basis again. That is why we welcome the recent release of figures by the Police Commissioner about this.

It is a necessary step in the right direction. The silence about this has resulted in great confusion arising in the past couple of years as to precisely how serious this problem is and that it has created an uncomfortable climate as farm murders is an emotional subject in South Africa.

The FF Plus believes it is in the interest of agriculture that the statistics are released annually together with other crime statistics so that it could prevent unnecessary assumptions from being made.

In addition to this, it is also necessary to establish clear definitions of what comprises a farm attack and a farm murder so that all relevant parties who report crime provide the correct statistics so that a correct and comprehensive picture can be formed of this type of crime.

The FF Plus has with concern noted the a large number of attacks as mentioned by the Commissioner, but at the same time is grateful that there have been fewer farm attacks, should the figures be correct.

This can be seen as an indication of the rural community is protecting itself better and the FF Plus is of the opinion that costs borne for security on farms should be tax- deductible.

According to figures that the FF Plus has in its possession, 1 651 people have been murdered on farms from 1990 up to and including 2013. In South Africa 132,8 people from every 100 000 of the population on farms are murdered. With regards to police officers, the figure is 54 and for the ordinary public the figure is 31,1.

The comparative and average international figure for murder is 7 in every 100 000 of the population.

It is therefore clear that we have a real problem in South Africa, especially with regards to farm murders and the FF Plus welcomes any step taken to pay active attention to the problem.


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