Member statement in parliament: Class action of Transnet pensioners against Transnet

Adv Anton Alberts

The FF Plus with great pleasure wishes to give notice that the Transnet pensioner’s civil claim against Transnet and government was launched last Friday. This is the biggest claim in the legal history of South Africa. After the class action application had been granted to the pensioners by the Gauteng North High Court, the pensioners had to take the next step by instituting the claim for the stripping of their pension assets and non-payment of debts. This process has now successfully been completed.

This claim arises from the stubborn persistence of Transnet to not pay pensioners their pensions which they are entitled to. It is sad that Transnet and government do not want to fulfil their promises to people, black and white, who had assisted in buildingTransnet up to the giant it is today.

We also take note with concern that the same CEO who had until recently been at the helm of Transnet and who with his arrogance slandered Transnet pensioners as previously advantaged people who he would oppose in the streets in a revolutionary manner, is now the head of Eskom. He has already made statements on power issues in an arrogant manner which displays his lack of insight and arrogance. The only thing we would like to say to Eskom workers is: take care of your pension funds.

Regarding Transnet, you can prepare yourselves for a big defeat in the courts of South Africa against the Transnet pensioners. It will be accompanied by a credit down-grade. We hope you have budgeted for that, because the pensioners will receive what is their due.


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