Launching of the FF Plus’ manifesto for the Western Cape

Die Redaksie

The Freedom Front (FF Plus) unequivocally represents the interests of Afrikaans-speaking, conservative English-speaking and a variety of Brown and other minority communities, who together, will ensure that the Western Cape excels, based on the rights of minorities as defined in the UN Human Rights Commission’s Declaration on Minority Rights (1992).

Just as the FF Plus will endeavour, together with other opposition parties, to reduce ANC support to below 50% at national level, the FF Plus will apply itself to ensure that coalition-politics in terms of the proportional electoral system are enforced in order for its objectives and policies to be accommodated in the Western Cape - keeping the ANC out.

Therefore: The FF Plus will fight for:

  • Autonomyof the Western Cape with proper powers and authority in order to provide for the needs of its inhabitants without it just being an extension of central government;
  • Proper delegation of maximum functions and powers by the Cape Metro to Sub-Councils in order to return local government to the people in Blouberg, Oostenberg, Tygerberg, Helderberg, South Peninsula, Mitchells Plain, Delft, Atlantis, Cape Town City etc. with upgraded status and budget facilities vested in Sub-Council Managers;
  • On the same basis, endeavour to ensure the return of the status of smaller towns in rural areas which have been robbed of their identity, ensuring self-determination and a fair distribution of economic development and job creation;
  • Innovative thinking in regard to orderly urbanization in order to ensure that uncontrolled squatting creating serious environmental and human problems are addressed. Mitchells Plain and Khayelitsha are outstanding examples of formal developments, but in order to reduce the housing backlog pro-active action with proper town planning and site and services schemes are required;
  • The deterioration of Afrikaans schools serving 70% of the population requires urgent attention and the first step must be to appoint a Provincial Minister for Education who has command of the Afrikaans language;
  • Crime, street protest politics, disorderly demonstrations and the uncertainty of electricity supply must make way for job creating capital investment that will ensure economic growth and development;
  • A task force involving the private sector must be established in order to ensure protection for law abiding businesses, inhabitants and visitors against barbaric and unlawful protests and destruction of property;
  • The private sector must be involved in the establishment of regional development advisory committees in conjunction with local, provincial and national functionaries in order to identify the potential and possible value-adding possibilities throughout the Western Cape;
  • Urgent attention must be given to the concept of free trading areas, especially in Mossel Bay and Saldanha where there are established harbours in place, in order to spread economic development. The George airport lends itself to international status which could enhance tourism and exports for the Southern Cape;
  • Agriculture must be protected at all costs as earners of foreign currency, job creators and producers of food security. There is sufficient provincial and state owned land to accommodate valid land claims for the disadvantaged;
  • The outcry and frustration of the subsistence fishing communities as one of our important economic minorities deserves priority attention in regard to fishing quotas;
  • Road access to the centre of Cape Town and all rural areas requires urgent attention with a more affordable integrated public transport system, for the Metro in particular, both for the commuter and the taxpayer. Resistance against the tolling of roads leading to Cape Town must remain a priority.

The tidal wave of interest and support rings out a refrain:

‘This time we vote FF Plus’



André Fourie

O83 441 9262