Inter-ministerial Nkandla report a smoke-screen to protect Zuma

Dr Pieter Groenewald

“The inter-ministerial report on Nkandla which Minister Thulas Nxesi released today is nothing other than a smoke-screen to protect President Jacob Zuma. The ministers have all been appointed to their positions by Zuma and it is only logical that they would protect Zuma and would clear him of the scandal. Although the Public Protector’s report still has to be released, the question is whether it will be her full report or a revised report. A judicial commission of inquiry which will take place publicly should be appointed to properly investigate the whole scandal, as this will be the only way to obtain full transparency,” Dr. Pieter Groenewald, the Freedom Front Plus’ spokesperson on Public Works says.

"The ministers are also hiding behind operational costs of R125 million and they should explain what is meant by this. If it means operational costs for the security personnel, it means that taxpayers will have to fork out R125 million annually to take care of Nkandla. Thís, while the president has three other official residences which also have to be protected. It could rightfully be asked why minister’s families have to move and live in official residences, but not the president’s family. It should also be revealed who had done the work at Nkandla, who had committed corruption, whose prices were inflated and who had stolen taxpayer’s money. It is the right of the public to know,” Groenewald says.


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