IEC investigating ANC advertisement boards in Gauteng

Dr Pieter Mulder

The Public Protector (PP) has referred a complaint of the FF Plus about propagandist advertisement boards in ANC colours, which the provincial government in Gauteng had erected a couple of months ago along roads in this province, to the IEC.

This follows after Dr. Pieter Mulder, the leader of the Freedom Front Plus, had lodged an official complaint in November of last year with the PP.

In his letter to the PP, Dr. Mulder said that the 51 huge advertisement boards was a serious threat to South African democracy as it makes a free and fair election this year totally impossible.

“In no mature democracy will it be allowed for propagandist advertisements in the colours of the ruling party during an election to be paid with taxpayer’s money. Opposition parties’ voters are thus paying for ANC propaganda during an election.

“This makes the playing feeld totally uneven as other political parties can in no way, with their own funds, compete with the governing party. The FF Plus still insists on the boards being removed immediately as it has advantaged the ANC for more than two months already.

“We will be putting pressure on the IEC to thoroughly investigate the issue as it could jeopardise the credibility of the election,” Dr. Mulder says.


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