FF Plus welcomes the establishment of an ad-hoc committee of parliament to urgently deal with the PP’s Nkandla report

Dr Corné Mulder

The FF Plus welcomes the announcement that the Speaker of Parliament has appointed an ad-hoc committee to urgently deal with the report of the Public Protector on Nkandla. The ad-hoc committee will also deal with the reply of the President with regards to the Nkandla report as well as with the Proclamation which authorised the Special Investigative Unit’s investigation. The FF Plus had after the announcement of the PP’s report with regards to Nkandla asked for a public debate as well as for the appointment of an ad-hoc committee.

The ad-hoc committee has to submit its report by 30 April to Parliament so that Parliament can be called back to deal with the report before the 7 May 2014 election. A great responsibility rests on this ad-hoc committee in order to do justice to the provisions of the Constitution, as well as to see to it that Parliament and the legislative authority fulfil its oversight role properly over the President and Executive Authority.



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