FF Plus’ struggle against e-toll gains momentum with national petition campaign and involvement of National Consumer Commission

Adv Anton Alberts

The Freedom front Plus has, as part of its continued campaign against the e-toll system, now launched a campaign through which the public can submit their complaints about the e-toll to the National Consumer Commission.

In a positive development, the national Consumer Commission (NCC) confirmed that it would be investigating complaints regarding the e-tolls, following a request by the FF Plus in this regard.

According to Adv. Anton Albert, two made-for-purpose websites for Afrikaans and English-speaking people were created. The Afrikaans website is: www.tolhekpetisie.org.za and the English version is www.tollgatepetition.org.za.

“We have created an instrument and channel for everyone who are experiencing e-toll problems and are opposed to it. Through it we will also be able to prove that the system is not working and pressure the government about it.

“The FF Plus’ struggle against e-tolls has come a long way and we will continue with it until we have achieved success for all road users,” Adv. Alberts said.

Regarding the NCC’s advice that parties should try and resolve problems amongst themselves before a complaint is lodged with the Commission, Adv. Alberts says that he has taken note of it, but that the public is desperate as they cannot be helped in any other way.

In its struggle against the e-tolls, the FF Plus has to date already:


  • Corresponded with President Jacob Zuma about the legality of the E-Toll Act;

  • Brought a case in the North Gauteng High Court against the government;

  • Submitted a formal complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority, with an urgent request that all advertisements regarding the Gauteng e-tolls in the media are stopped; and

  • The FF Plus has supported all other efforts which have been aimed at stopping the e-tolls.


Contact no.: 082 391 3117 / / 083 419 5403