FF Plus congratulates Transnet pensioners with class-action victory

Adv Anton Alberts

The FF Plus wishes to congratulate the Transnet pensioners following the judgment of the Gauteng North High Court in their favour that they are allowed to go ahead with their claim against Transnet as a group, Adv. Anton Alberts, the FF Plus’ parliamentary spokesperson on Transport says.

Adv. Alberts says the FF Plus has walked a long road with the pensioners to get to this point and has been involved in the matter since 2006. He said the FF Plus first attempted to have it resolved in Parliament, but unfortunately nothing was accomplished and that is why the court process was eventually started.

“The FF Plus congratulates the independent legal team made up of Wynanda Coetzee, the lawyer and senior advocates Jaap Cilliers and Leon Kellerman with the reward for their hard work.

“They were prepared to take on this case on a contingency basis due to the number of violations of the pensioner’s human rights.

The FF Plus also wishes to congratulate all the pensioners who acted as leaders and coordinators with their tireless efforts and labour. Special thanks are offered to Bettie van der Merwe, Theuns Berry, Ronald Mitchell and the late Piet van Rensburg and countless other regional organisers,” Adv. Alberts says.

He says the judgment was awarded with costs against the respondents which mean that the judge was not at all happy with the fact that the case was opposed by Transnet and the government.

“The effect of the court case is that Transnet and the government will now probably be facing a credit downgrade which will effectively scupper Transnet’s expansion programmes because it will be very difficult for Transnet to obtain credit.

“The only way that Transnet will get rid of this sword over its head, is to reach an agreement with the pensioners as soon as possible.

“The process ahead will be to place advertisements in various daily newspapers to make the public aware of the class action and to offer those who do not wish to be part of the court action, to opt out. The next court date will be established after this has been completed.

“We are hopeful that the next court case will be heard this year still,” Adv. Alberts says.


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