FF Plus asks Hawks to investigate five aspects of the Public Protector’s (PP) Prasa report

Adv Anton Alberts

The FF Plus asked the Haws to investigate the findings of the Public Protector (PP) on Prasa and to focus in particular on five aspects of the report that indicate that crimes such as corruption and fraud had possibly been committed.

The five aspects are:

  1. The tender awarded to Siyangena Technologies where Lucky Montana’s house had been bought in a dubious way by Siyangena Technologies’ legal advisor for more than double the market value (as reported by Network24);
  2. The financing and appointment of a media company which is owned by Pule Mabe, ANC parliamentary member and member of the ANC’s NEC, to start a magazine for Prasa;
  3. The contract of R4 million awarded to a company that has ties with a Prasa board member;
  4. The payment of rent for a building which Prasa had already vacated;
  5. The replacement of seven cleaning companies’ contracts with the contracts with two other companies in a questionable manner.

Adv. Alberts says it appears that Montana governed Prasa with contempt in the same manner that the ANC is governing South Africa at present. The party can however not continue for ever and his day of reckoning has now arrived.

“From the PP’s report it is clear that money had been wasted on a huge scale and there are obvious irregularities that could possibly only be explained by Montana. His wish to have his day in court could therefore quite possibly come true following the investigation of the FF Plus’ complaint”, Adv. Alberts said.


Contact no.: 082 391 3119 / 083 419 5403