Dr. Pieter Mulder to hold talks with minister of water and environmental affairs about water crisis

Dr Pieter Mulder

Dr. Pieter Mulder, leader of the FF Plus, will hold talks with Edna Molewa, the minister of Water and Environmental Affairs.

Dr. Mulder has already paid a visit to some drought areas such as Swartruggens in Northwest. From discussions with farmers and residents it was clear that the drought and accompanying factors such as poor planning and inadequate maintenance work have left the town virtually without any water. Dr. Mulder was impressed with the positive attitude of the agricultural community to assist with resolving the water problems by, for instance, making bore holes on their farms available and carting water to the poorer neighbourhoods.

According to Dr. Mulder, the drought in various places has already taken on catastrophic proportions and emergency measures have been put in place to provide water to millions of people just to survive.

"Farmers in particular have been affected heavily and tens of thousands of animals have died. Thousands of farm workers could also lose their jobs if there is not any relief soon.

"The government has already made R43.5 million available for assistance in the Northwes, but it is hardly a drop in the ocean when compared to the extend of the problem. Much more will have to be done to alleviate the serious need, " Dr. Mulder said.


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