Denials won’t make Gupta allegations disappear

Dr Pieter Mulder

Just like the case was with Nkandla, President Jacob Zuma will assuredly find out that denials and silence won’t make the Gupta allegations disappear, Dr. Pieter Mulder, leader of the FF Plus.

Dr. Mulder says the acknowledgement of Mr. Mcebisi Jonas, deputy minister of finance, that the Gupta family had offered him the position of minister of finance, has far-reaching implications for president Zuma. This further weakens his position in the public’s view and most probably also within the ANC.

“Ms. Vytjie Mentor made the exact same statements about the Guptas’ role and how they had offered her a minister’s position. The logical conclusion being made now is that all the rumours lately regarding minister Nene’s firing is also probably true.

“Currently there is deputy minister Jonas’ version of events. The Gupta family has a different version and president Zuma has a third version. The FF Plus asks that the Public Protector or a judicial commission of inquiry investigate the Guptas’ influence and role in government.

“This is the only way through which we will find the truth from all the different versions and how president Zuma will in a credible way be able to prove that the Guptas did not exercise any influence over government in this manner.

“It is furthermore disappointing that president Zuma did not use the question time in parliament on Thursday to put his side of the case. His avoiding questions about this issue, just as he had done in the past, is viewed as a confirmation of all the allegations. His denial will furthermore not make the Gupta problem go away,” Dr. Mulder said.


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