Death of Meyiwa is a call to the ANC to acknowledge that crime is out of control

Dr Pieter Mulder

The death of Senzo Meyiwa, soccer captain of South Africa, is a tragic reflection of the crime situation in South Africa and the FF Plus expresses its condolences with the family of the gifted sport star who represented his country at the highest levels,” Dr. Pieter Mulder, Leader of the FF Plus says.

“It is a pity that a tragedy such as this has to put the spot light on the exceptionally high levels of crime and violence to which every person in this country is exposed and on government’s apparent inability to protect its citizens.

“It is also a pity that government is still not prepared to acknowledge that crime in the country is getting out of control. Last month the police chief, Gen. Riah Phiyega, announced that 47 people are killed in South Africa every day. According to her it is not a crisis.

“The FF Plus differs with the commissioner about this. Crime had taken crises proportions a long time ago already. Each one of those 47 people who are murdered every day, are people with loved ones and perhaps even a family. Just like Meyiwa, they aren’t merely a number.

“Government should acknowledge now that crime, and especially contact crimes, has just about gotten out of control. Real steps should without any delay be taken to make law abiding citizens feel safe in their country again,” Dr. Mulder said.


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