Crime statistics – South Africa more violent

Dr Pieter Groenewald

“The latest crime statistics indicate that South Africa has become a more violent country. Violent crime which affects people directly, like murder, robbery and carjackings has increased considerably. Murder has increased with 5% and more than 17 000 murders have been committed. South Africa’s murder figure is now 32,2 in 100 000 of the population while the world average is 7 in 100 000. South Africa’s murder figure is therefore nearly five times that of the world average.

The accuracy of the figures is also questioned as police stations do not report the correct category of crimes. A robbery is sometimes reported as theft and many robberies are not reported at all.

Crime statistics should also be released more often and should be announced every quarter. The current statistics are old and covers the period 1 April 2013 to March 2014,” Dr. Pieter Groenewald, chief spokesperson on the Police for the Freedom Front Plus says.

“Robberies at residential premises, as the crime feared by most people in South Africa, increased by 7,4% (19 284 incidents) and robberies with aggravating circumstances with 12,7% (119 357 incidents). Carjackings increased by 12,3% (11 221 incidents) and robberies at commercial properties with 31,3% (18 615 incidents). It is precisely at one’s home, on your way to work and at work where people want to feel safe. The public therefore has reason to feel unsafe and is correct when they allege that crime has increased,” Dr. Groenewald said.

The Freedom Front Plus welcomes the decrease in other crimes and especially sexual crimes against women and children, although there are some questions about the number of such crimes being reported.


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