Crime intelligence unit in a dysfunctional crisis

Dr Pieter Groenewald

The suspension of Gen. Maj. Chris Ngcobo, acting chief of the police’s crime intelligence unit due to inconsistencies with his qualifications is already a serious indication of the dysfunctional state in which the unit has ended up, Dr. Pieter Groenewald, the Freedom Front Plus’ chief spokesperson on the Police says.

The unit specialises in, amongst others, in covert actions and eavesdropping and is supposed to be the government’s eyes and ears to obtain information which could be seen as a threat to government.

It is well-known and has been widely reported in the media that Ngcobo is a former body guard and confidante of President Jacob Zuma.

“This unit is really the Big Brother which looks over the shoulders of all citizens and gains access to the most sensitive information about any person.

“By virtue of his office, Ngcobo would on an international level have spoken to his counterparts and have exchanged information. For this he should have had the highest security clearance. It is difficult to accept that there are only now queries about his qualifications.

“It is truly frightening that a unit with so much power could become so totally dysfunctional. It makes South Africa a mockery of the international intelligence community and should make every South African anxious,” Dr. Groenewald said.


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