Clear police of criminals to gain the trust of the public again

Dr Pieter Groenewald

With a recent history of a criminal police chief which was the direct result of cadre deployment, the ANC government cannot expect the public to have any trust in the South African Police Service, Dr. Pieter Groenewald, the FF Plus’ chief spokesperson on Police says.

During the Police’s budget debate in Parliament today, Dr. Groenewald mentioned the examples of commissioners Jackie Selebi who was sent to jail due to crime and Bheki Cele who was fired due to the allocation of an irregular tender of R500 million.

He said Cele, who is currently a deputy minister, is now in turn blaming the current commissioner, Riah Piyega, of allowing the Police to ‘bleed’ due to her incompetence. In the Western Cape, the current police commissioner, Arno Lamoer and three senior officers have now been arrested on 109 counts of criminal charges.

“How can the public have any faith in such a police service? It is a great injustice toward the South African public but also toward the good and hard-working members in uniform who actually do their job diligently and who are prepared to sacrifice their lives for our safety.

“The duty of this government is to see to it that the Police are cleared of all these criminals.

“Recently Anwa Dramat, the head of the Hawks, a specialist police unit, was also fired. Also Robert McBride, the man at the head of the Police’s Investigative Directorate, IPID, where the public could go if they had complaints about the Police.

“The FF Plus warned that he should not be appointed to that position, as the head of IPID should have a clear record. He should be a person of high integrity.

“Now government is saying that he doesn’t have any integrity. That he had falsified a report to protect some individuals. You are now also going to fire him, after we had warned you. What trust could this create for the public?

“The minister should furthermore say what the situation pertaining to Dramat is. The report on him states that his actions were of such a nature that he has to be criminally prosecuted. Let him be criminally prosecuted.

“You cannot use taxpayers’ money to give him a golden handshake and not prosecute him, because then you are using taxpayers’ money to protect someone who should actually be prosecuted,” Dr. Groenewald said.


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