Big mistake to fire Pansal Board

Dr Pieter Mulder

The unilateral decision of minister Nathi Mthethwa, minister of Arts and Culture, to dissolve the Pansal Board is a huge mistake which sets the promotion of multi-lingualism in South Africa back many years.

The question is whether the forensic report that the Pansal Board had drawn up about previous corruption and abuse of funds by Pansal had played a role in the sudden decision of the minister to fire the Pansal Board. The report has not been released yet and the FF Plus will insist that it is now made public. What does the report contain and are the minister and department perhaps trying to shy away from disclosing corruption and the wasting of funds in the past?

The current Pansal Board consisted of language activists and experts from different South African languages. Was this board so incompetent as the minister alleges or were they fired because the experts did not want to dance to the tune of the minister and ANC?

At the time of its appointment 18 months ago, the fired Pansal Board inherited a Pansal which had over-spent millions of rand annually with 80% of the personnel receiving huge salaries but had nothing to do with the promotion of language.

By replacing this Board with ANC cronies will not promote multi-lingualism in South Africa or make the expensive and awkward Pansal more efficient. South Africa is also losing at least two years before the new board will be able to understand the current Pansal problems and will be able to start resolving them.


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