ANC’s incompetence in delivering services establishes a breeding ground for EFF opportunism to occupy land in Pretoria

Adv Anton Alberts

The EFF which is encouraging people to illegally occupy land outside Pretoria, is busy with a game to score political points and is using the breeding ground which the ANC has created through its failure to deliver services, in an opportunistic manner to this end, Adv. Anton Alberts, the FF Plus’ parliamentary spokesperson on the Economy says.

Adv. Alberts says he once again visited squatter camps in Gauteng this week where he spoke to white and black squatters about their problems and it is clear that everybody has a common problem, i.e. the ANC government’s empty promises and poor service delivery.

“Some community leaders and people here, say they have been waiting from 1994 for their promised housing. There is great unhappiness amongst people and the EFF is abusing the situation which the ANC has created over many years with its incompetence and poor management which has been caused by affirmative action.

“The only way how this situation can be reversed is to start immediately to transform the incompetent public service with appointments made on the basis of merit. White and black poverty will have to be treated in the way the Constitution prescribes.

“If it does not happen, the situation could get out of hand and land occupation could spread like a wild fire. The question is not whether it will happen but rather when it will happen.

“Under the incitement of the EFF and the unhappiness and poverty, people will increasingly start to take matters in their own hands. This creates the perfect breeding ground for opportunists such as the EFF. The ANC will have to wake up quickly,” Alberts said.


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