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Veelparty-koalisie in Johannesburg skep geleenthede vir ekonomiese ontwikkeling

Mnr. Franco de Lange

Die Johannesburgse metro is vasbeslote om die voorloper te wees in ekonomiese vooruitgang en as deel van die plan sal 14 geleentheidsentrums oor die volgende drie jaar in die stad opgerig word.

Drie geleentheidsentrums het reeds die afgelope jaar suksesvol afgeskop in Marshallstraat Johannesburg,... Read more

Plato has a great task on hand and must prove that he is a better mayor than MEC for Community Safety

Erika Botha-Rossouw

The DA's newly appointed mayor of Cape Town, Dan Plato, must prove that he can unite the divided DA councillors in the interest of all Cape Town residents.

He will also have to show that he can do better than what he did as MEC for Community Safety, where he was not convincing in the fight against ... Read more

FF Plus Western Cape elects new joint deputy leader

Dr Corné Mulder

The FF Plus in the Western Cape has appointed a new joint deputy leader for the province, namely Mr Johannes Hartnick, who is currently also serving as the executive deputy mayor of Hessequa.

Ms Erika Botha-Rossouw is the other deputy leader. Dr Corné Mulder, Chief Whip of the FF Plus, is... Read more

VF Plus versigtig oor ANC-voorstel vir Sol Plaatje-burgemeester

Dr. Wynand Boshoff

Die VF Plus is versigtig oor die ANC se burgemeesterskandidaat vir die Sol Plaatje-plaaslike munisipaliteit (Kimberley, Ritchie) aangesien dit wil voorkom asof die ANC die proses vooruit wil loop.

In die eerste plek behoort die ANC nie "die volgende burgemeester" aan te kondig nie, maar wel sy... Read more

VF Plus plaas probleme in skole voor die deur van LUR Lesufi

Philip van Staden

Die VF Plus glo dat die wangedrag van leerlinge by skole in Gauteng die gevolg is van Panyaza Lesufi, Gautengse LUR vir onderwys, se pogings om gedragskodes by skole te verwyder en sy voortdurende inmenging in die bestuur van skole. Die probleme wat die afgelope maand by skole uitgebreek het, is... Read more

Concourt’s ruling on “Hit the boer” song not conducive to nation building

Dr Pieter Groenewald

The Constitutional Court's finding that the word "Boer" – as used in a co-called struggle song – is not in itself hate speech, but that it may be inappropriate, is a purely technical ruling and could be misinterpreted to mean that the word may be freely used in such songs.

The reality... Read more

Where are the police vehicles and officers in the Free State?

Tammy Wessels

The people of the Free State are losing the war against crime due to the ANC's ineffective policing and on top of that it seems as if there is a shortage of critical police resources in the province as well.

The media reports that over the last week, police vehicles and officers were not available ... Read more

Give Zuma R1 per month

Dr Corné Mulder

During the Nkandla saga, the FF Plus suggested in Parliament that former President Jacob Zuma's salary must be reduced to R1. This is still the FF Plus's opinion as regards the parliamentary motion tabled today that the former president must receive his full pension.

Although the FF Plus, as... Read more

FF Plus rejects the Credit Amendment Bill as it is wrong instrument to relieve poverty

Adv Anton Alberts

How can one help those with serious debt problems when their situation is so critical that not even debt counselling can offer a solution? This is one of the problems that the National Credit Amendment Draft Bill must address.

Such complex problems require a holistic approach where factors that... Read more

Action and not ideas, is what is needed to save the county’s economy - Parliamentary debate: Ideas for economic revival after the recession

Dr Pieter Groenewald

What South Africa needs to get out of the pit of the current economic recession is action and not just ideas.

One of the main causes of the country's economic stagnation is the ANC's plans for expropriation without compensation. The ANC would, therefore, do well to pay serious attention to the... Read more

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