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Eskom eats cake while SA struggles to afford bread

Dr Pieter Groenewald

Eskom, which is now asking government for a R23 billion bailout is like Marie Antoinette who did not realise that her country’s people were struggling and said that they had to eat cake while they were begging for bread, Dr. Pieter Groenewald, the FF Plus’ parliamentary spokesperson on... Read more

Toespraak in die parlement: Tweede Lesingsdebat: Onderhoudswysigingswetsontwerp

Adv Anton Alberts

This Bill, that serves to bring justice to maintenance matters pending the finalization of the South African Law Reform Commission’s review, is a welcome change to the current maintenance system.

Daar is geen twyfel dat die onderhoudstelsel soos dit tans daar uitsien gebrekkig is nie.... Read more

The implication of the attendance and departure of President Omar al-Bashir from the African Union Summit

Dr Pieter Mulder

If Omar al-Bashir could succeed in fleeing the country without the knowledge of the government, especially from a military key-point, it points to total incompetence. If not, it means that the government had willingly ignored a court order.

Whatever happened, these events had revealed the ANC... Read more

ANC grawe Suid-Afrika al hoe dieper in die put van ekonomiese verval

Adv Anton Alberts

Die tempo van ekonomiese verval in Suid-Afrika is nou so snel dat ʼn mens byna al terugverlang na die ooreenstemmende tyd verlede jaar, en toe het dit reeds ellendig gegaan, sê adv. Anton Alberts, die VF Plus se parlementêre woordvoerder oor ekonomie.

Adv. Alberts het vandag met die... Read more

Africa belongs to all its children

Dr Corné Mulder

Africa belongs to all who live on the continent, regardless of race, colour or origin. It is the home and future of all its residents and nobody on this continent can take it away or alienate it from another, Dr. Corné Mulder, FF Plus Chief Whip said.

Dr. Mulder, who spoke about the... Read more

Minister of Police’s report on Nkandla defends the indefensible

Dr Corné Mulder

The report of police minister, Nathi Nhleko, on Nkandla is a further desperate attempt of the ANC to defend the indefensible and will merely contribute to make this scandal part of president Jacob Zuma’s legacy, Dr. Corné Mulder, the FF Plus’ chief whip says.

Dr. Mulder says the ... Read more

Pres. Zuma se begrotingsposdebat: Pres. Zuma in stryd met Grondwet oor sy verdelende uitsprake

Dr Pieter Mulder

President Jacob Zuma is ywerig om geskiedenislesse uit te deel. Sy uitsprake, soos op Afrikadag toe hy gesê het daar was vrede in Afrika tot ‘ander’ in die land opgedaag het, waar hy duidelik na wittes verwys, maak dit egter duidelik dat die president self ʼn geskiedenisles nodig... Read more

VF Plus bekom wel statistiek wat dui op die benarde finansiële situasie van die e-tol-projek

Adv Anton Alberts

Statistiek met syfers wat die VF Plus bekom het oor die finansiële situasie van die e-tol-projek, maak dit duidelik waarom die ANC-regering nou desperate spronge uitvoer om die projek van ondergang te red, sê adv. Anton Alberts, die VF Plus se parlementêre woordvoerder oor vervoer.

... Read more

In the midst of the crisis, Eskom and government cannot continue as if it is ‘business as usual’

Dr Pieter Mulder

In its biggest crisis hour it appears as if it is ‘business as usual’ for Eskom and government and its time the power utility realises that far-reaching measures must be instituted before it can function normally again.

This is the message that Dr. Mulder, leader of the FF Plus, today... Read more

Nampo: Opportunity for successful land reform missed by minister Nkwinti

Dr Pieter Mulder

“History will one day show that valuable time and the goodwill of farmers were wasted during the Nkwinti-Zuma years. Thousands of hectares of producing agricultural land has been taken out of production during this period as a result of failed land reform projects,” Dr. Pieter Mulder,... Read more

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