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DA councillor says why she is joining the FF Plus

Dr Pieter Mulder

A seasoned DA councillor in Moqhaka (Kroonstad) in the Free State has resigned from the DA and chose the FF Plus as her new political home. Dr. Pieter Mulder, FF Plus leader, officially welcomed her to the FF Plus during a media conference held today in Bloemfontein. Dr. Albe Viljoen had for... Read more

Human Rights Commission (HRC) shying away from investigating Zuma about racial division and racial hatred about land

Dr Pieter Groenewald

“The Human Rights Commission (HRC) is shying away from investigating president Jacob Zuma after the Freedom Front Plus had laid a complaint of racial division and fuelling racial hatred,” Dr. Pieter Groenewald, chairperson of the Freedom Front Plus said.

Dr. Groenewald says the... Read more

Wheels start turning with Transnet court case

Adv Anton Alberts

The FF Plus is delighted that there has been some progress in the court case in the form of a class action that Transnet pensioners had instituted against Transnet and the government, Adv. Anton Alberts, the FF Plus’ parliamentary spokesperson on Transport said.

The pensioners’’... Read more

Current type of race debate is tearing SA apart

Dr Pieter Mulder

The ANC is effectively busy ripping the South African community into two separate camps with the way in which the organisation is currently driving their campaign about racism.

Racism, from the side of both black and white, carries the germ that will destroy South Africa and all relationships.... Read more

Christmas message - 2015

Dr Pieter Mulder

The year 2015 is nearing its end.

In this year, hundreds of thousands of desperate people fled from violence to Europe.

In Paris, France, 130 people were cruelly murdered – innocent restaurant patrons and concert goers.

In the air over Egypt a terrorist bomb explodes on board a Russian... Read more

Versoening, die Gelofte van 1838 en die Afrikaner se plek in SA

Dr Pieter Mulder

“Meeste mense in Suid-Afrika soek vrede en ’n veilige toekoms vir hulle kinders. Hulle soek ook die reg om hulleself te wees, as byvoorbeeld Afrikaners, in ’n land met baie tale en kulture. Is dit te veel gevra?” het dr. Pieter Mulder, VF Plus-leier in ’n toespraak... Read more

VF Plus se jaarlikse evaluering van ANC-Kabinet prestasies/mislukkings 2015

Dr Pieter Mulder

VF Plus se jaarlikse evaluering van ANC-Kabinet prestasies/mislukkings 2015


1. Werkswyse

2. Voordele

3. Rapport

Hiermee die VF Plus se jaarlikse einde van die jaar evaluering (rapport) van die ANC-kabinet se prestasies en mislukkings in 2015.

1. Werkswyse.

As werkswyse word... Read more

Public has the right to know what is happening at the SAA

Adv Anton Alberts

The public of South Africa has every right to know how battered the finances of the South African Airways (SAA) is and it is regrettable that the media is being prohibited from writing about it, Adv. Anton Alberts, the parliamentary spokesperson on Transport for the FF Plus says.

The SAA has... Read more

Debate in parliament on transformation in Higher Education

Dr Pieter Mulder

When dissatisfied students march on parliament, the police should not stop them, but rather invite them inside so that they may personally confront the architects of the country’s many problems, of which study fees are but one, Dr. Pieter Mulder, FF Plus leader, said today during a... Read more

Unesco, international experts grumbling at SA government about fiasco at Vredefort Dome

Dr Pieter Mulder

The Vredefort Dome which should be a heritage jewel for South Africa with which thousands of visitors could be lured to the country annually, has now become an international embarrassment where millions of rand of taxpayers’ money have been wasted over the last couple of years, Dr. Pieter... Read more

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