White and Brown interest groups enter into talks with Elsenburg Agricultural Institute over language policy

Dr Pieter Mulder

The FF Plus will together with various Western Cape interest groups enter into talks with the management of the Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute outside Stellenbosch today, regarding the retention of Afrikaans and the safety of students, lecturers and workers at the Institute.

This follows on the events two weeks ago where seditious students, some in EFF overalls and whips, were allowed to enter the premises and assaulted co-students without the police or the Institute’s security intervening.

The incident resulted from a small group of students who are dissatisfied with the use of Afrikaans in the Institute.

The discussions at the Institute will take place between 13:30 and 14:30 with Mr. Darryl Jacobs (acting deputy director general, department of agriculture in the Western Cape) and Mr. Marius Paulse, (chief director, Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute).

The FF Plus will be accompanied by Mr. Peter Marais, (Movement for Brown Interests), Mr. Des Pal (Western Cape Action Forum) and Mr. Ricardo Sedres (Social Democratic Party SA).

Dr. Mulder says the management will be asked to provide answers regarding the language issue and what solutions are being proposed to prevent future discord without harming Afrikaans. The majority students at the Institute are Afrikaans speaking.

The security issue will also be discussed and the Institute will also have to set out what plans they have put in place to avoid future violence and disruptions.

After the talks the media (at approximately 15:00) will have the opportunity to interview Dr. Mulder and the other role players at the Eaglevlei wine estate.


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